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Where we transport you with confidence!

Where we advise you effectively!

Where we listen to you to bring you the best quality!


The founders of Easy Freight have, over the years, surrounded themselves with rigorously selected personnel to form a dynamic, professional, innovative, motivated, autonomous, expert and efficient team.

Each of our employees is dedicated to providing you with 100% personalized service.

Its involvement in the performance chain in harmony with all of our teams remains the key to success.



A company on a human scale to keep flexibility, offer a "tailor-made" service that meets all your expectations within a very short time frame.

Support in the organization of your international air or sea transport, for import as well as for export.

Customs expertise, important to advise you and set up customs clearance procedures.

Logistics, storage, preparation of your orders, distribution of your products are part of our services.


A state of mind emphasizing the satisfaction of our customers.

Customs approval (N ° 5128)

AEO approval (Authorized Economic Operator N ° FR00000296)

An IATA approval (N ° 20-4 7339)

GDP Pharma accreditation.

FFVE approval (French Federation of Vintage Vehicles)

An unlimited network of agents.

Personalization of services.

The flexibility of procedures adapted to each transport.

The optimization of the means implemented.

The mastery of the various stakeholders.

Continuous improvement of quality.

The confidence of a true partnership.

The reputation of efficiency, innovation, quality, financial soundness and expertise.

  • Since 2003, a dynamic company which enjoys the confidence of the market.

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