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For more than 20 years, specialist in automobile transport

but also trucks, buses, motorcycles, quad bikes , boats, caravans ...

Import Export
Air and sea
Unloading, temporary customs, Rallies, Exhibitions
Administrative formalities (CG, CPI, FFVE ...)
Regular services: USA / CANADA / MEXICO / JAPAN / EMIRATES

Automobiles: Nos services
port et transports maritimes
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Import / Export from all countries

Air / Ocean

Easy Freight offers the support of your vehicle with a door to door service by air or sea.

Regular imports from the USA, Canada, Japan ...

Exports to Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

Also the transport of your vehicle within the framework of international removals, rallies, trips.

Loading and securing your vehicle in a groupage or personalized container.

Ro-Ro service (RO / RO)


Expert services

Our teams have many years of experience in customs clearance and bringing your cars up to standard.
Our specialists will guide you through registration and take care of your administrative formalities.

Customs formalities for temporary exports or imports for shows, rallies, exhibitions or races.
We invest the time necessary for communication and preparation to ensure you arrive on time.

Do not hesitate to call for more information or to make a reservation.

FFVE approval

A turnkey service!

We are FFVE approved, this allows us to obtain on your behalf the certificates allowing the registration of your cars serenely.

We manage and advise you in your administrative procedures (FFVE certificate, technical control and registration document, tax expertise and approved values, approval).
Each member of our team is highly qualified.
Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Contact us!

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