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Knowing how to choose the best airline and the best local agents to offer quality service at the best prices:
These are the guarantees of EASY FREIGHT to ensure the routing of the shipments until the final delivery.

  • From the simple screw to the turnkey factory.

  • From the spool of thread to the finished garment.

  • From sample to full laboratory.

  • From the experimental molecule to the scanner.

  • From France to the whole world.



Our agent network

Exclusive member of different networks, EAY FREIGHT connects the world.Rigorously selected exclusive agents make it possible to take charge of all your products to the four corners of the planet.


Our services

  • Monitoring and management of your orders with your suppliers in order to meet the final delivery deadlines (reporting of shipments for each operation).

  • Management and support of suppliers abroad.

  • Crosstrade across the world through our network of exclusive agents.

  • Tax representation in Brussels or any other European airport.

  • Analysis and consideration of your needs in order to define the most suitable airline in the best price / transport time ratio.

  • Direct service, Messaging, Groupage, Unbundling, "door to door" service.

  • Assembly, palletization, labeling, regular groupings from and to many countries around the world. Traceability of your shipments according to the status desired by the customer, supported by a communication service by the employees of EASY FREIGHT.

  • Optimization and control of operations on the entire logistics chain (choice of company according to the deadlines).

  • Hazardous materials specialty, regulated products.

  • 24/7 customer support.

  • Urgent freight, AOG, Freight accompanied by passenger (hand carry)

  • Insurance of transported goods.

  • Customs clearance carried out by a dedicated team of professionals having privileged contacts with regional customs offices. Customs classification of your goods on your behalf.

  • Computerized links with French customs allowing instantaneous establishment of customs declarations, ATA carnets, temporary admissions or exports.

Transport de passagers

Our strengths

  • Customs approvals (N ° 5128)

  • IATA (20-4 7339) / FIATA approval

  • AEO approval

  • Collection credit for clearing any merchandise regardless of its value.

  • Availability, efficiency, flexibility, speed, mastery, professionalism and competitiveness.

Aérien: Nos services
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